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Double Trouble!!

Two girls go for it big time. The brunette is an English rose (think Liz Hurley, real dirty), the other an eager oriental who loves her work. Great facial.

Pretty In Pink

Our sweet heroine lays a blanket on the ground and beats her man 'till he squirts a hot stream of love juice over her face and tits. No gentleman, he.

Wonder Tits!!!

I defy any man to retain his payload after getting the treatment from this little darling. Behold the 8th wonder of the world as they jiggle with the momentum of her firm grip and rapid five finger fuck!

Little Miss Innocent

You might think butter could not melt in her mouth but when she gets to work her technique is exemplary. Totally irrestible. One hand shandy coming up sir!!

Run Out Of Moisturiser

No problemo! She nips next door and whack the neighbor off into her palm. No more wrinkly skin!

Hot and Horny as Fuck

Stunning and filthy, this dream date starts the evening off the way she intends to keep it going.

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